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Sacramento, California

Sacramento is California's state capital but it's also the heart of the California central valley. Its rivers and delta system connect the city to the coastal waters, making it an ideal location for companies offering goods and services for the West Coast and Nevada.

Sacramento is also the newest regional office of Armstrong Development Properties. The office was established to service the exclusive development rights granted by CVS pharmacy for the central valley of California. It's an area defined by Sacramento to the north and Bakersfield to the south, a four hour drive from the edges of our territory. The region stretches from the Nevada border to the coastline Interstate 5. It's a vast area that covers over 33,000 square miles. Our CVS territory has recently been expanded to cover the counties ranging west from Alameda to Sonoma.

Our primary goal is to establish new CVS pharmacy locations throughout our territory. Like our other regional offices, the CVS effort is our entry point for additional development. We've already begun the work to secure sites in a series of retail development properties in the state.

We've seen impressive results from our CVS pharmacy development efforts as well. A similar 'preferred development' program is now underway for JP Morgan Chase Bank in northern and southern counties.

But it's only a start to our goal of becoming a major retail and preferred client developer in California.


For additional information about the capabilities and resources of our California Regional office, please contact:

California Regional Office
2400 Del Paso Road
Suite 140
Sacramento, CA 95834
916.643.9613 fax


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